Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter.

Wow, I havent "blogged" in a little bit.

Sorry 'bout that.

Not that I know who Im talking to.

Since no one will be reading this.

So lets see..

My birthday was on Wednesday.


I got a DS lite and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time.

That's a mouthful.

I love it.

Ive been playing it non-stop and I think I might beat it soon. [[Which is bad because then Ill have no DS games to play.]] But I might borrow some of my brother's games. You never know.

I got this beautiful silver bracelet from my dad and step mom.

I tried taking a picture of it, but my camera was being laaaaame.

Also! I got my ears pierced again. Yes. Again.

Now I have ten piercings, and eleven holes.

I got the tragus:

This is not my ear.

I love it. I had it done on both ears. I will be truthful though: The 2nd one, hurt like a mo fo. First one was like Oh, you're done? Really? No. Not the second one. That one was like Oh s---! What the f---!?

I warn you all now.

Only get one at a time for any major piercing.

The adrenaline from the first one makes you all too aware of everything around you.

Which sucks.

Hmm, what else.

Well, today was my first Easter service as a Christian.

It was beautiful.

All I wanted to do was sing my heart out.

And I love how my Pastor teaches the Word.

He does it so well and it just makes everything so simple, y'know?

After service [[8:30!]] I went to my friend Kristine's house.

You may have heard of her.

We watched The Passion of the Christ.

It was.... I cant even describe it.

But Ill try.

Kristine's dad was teasing before we watched it that I was going to cry and I informed in that I dont cry.

"Yeah, uh huh."

Thanks Kristine's dad. Thanks.

So we start it. And it's pretty trippy. I think they did Satan well. [[If you can do that.]] He was just creepy enough, but still appealing to the eye and just sneaky enough.

Going to give me nighmares.

Because it was basically what I imagine him like.

So it goes on. Kristine's brother Nick is on the floor watching it with us and Kristine and I are huddled together on the couch.

I could feel Kristine trembling though the whole movie.

I probably did the same thing.

And about the crying, I almost made it.

Almost is the key word here folks.

I made it past the whippings, past the beatings, past all that.

It was the crucifiction.

Also, disclaimer: This movie is violent. There's a reason it's R. It left nothing out.

I made it.. to when they drove the nails in.

I just started sobbing.


And... half of it was fear. Sadness. Disgust. Loss of faith in humanity.

It's bad enough to do such things to people who have done wrong.

That is never okay.


But to do it to a completely innocent human is beyond words.

Just tears.

And... the other half was astonishment. Love. Warmth. Appreciativeness.

To see what someone would do for me.

For me.

The sinner.

That.. is also beyond words.

Just tears.

But this time, of joy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just my luck.

So to start off my exciting spring break

I get sick.



If you havent figured it out yet, and that would be a tad distressing, this is bad.

It's been basically rain rain and more rain all week

and you want to know what happened on April 1st?

It snowed.

Yeah, great April Fool's joke Mother Nature.

Bite me.


So Ive been home.


Lots, and lots of reading.

I just finished a series by Alison Croggon.

The first book is The Naming.

I deifinitly recommend it.

Magic and light and dark and adventure and all the good stuff that makes up a fantasy novel.

I dragged my sick self to the library today to get some new books.

Yeah, they may have to Quarentine them when I return the books, but hey; least Im not without book.

Lets see, what else.

Watched a ton of movies.

Brother beat Kingdom Hearts start to finish in three days.

That was fun.

The boy can beat Hades cup first try,

but gets lost in Hallow Bastion.

I do not jest.

I had to get him to the top.


Well, that's really about it.

Seventeenth birthday's in a week.


Geez, Im so cynical.

Fantastic isnt it?