Monday, March 23, 2009


Ah. Parents. Don't you love hate them?

This particular blog will be centering on my female parent.

So my mother. The laydown between us is we generally get along. Yes, we have spats; quite often. But not as often as people tell me we should.

Somehow our weird personalities click together or something.

Of course, a well oiled machine's gears can still grind occasionally.

SO. Saturday.

My mother goes to work before I wake up and is expected back abooooooout one o'clock. Okay.

This happens every Saturday.

I get up sometime that I dont recall and play FFxi all morning.

On a somewhat unrelated note I got black mage 75 this Sunday.

If you play FFxi you know I almosted pissed mah pants I was so happy.



So im doin' my thing and my mother slams open the front door and promptly says

"Why the fuck havent you been answering your phone?!"

Love you too Mom.

My morning's been great Mom.

How was work Mom?


My cell phone happened to be in my pant's pocket on my bedroom floor.

Yes, Im that organized.

Apparently my mom thinks that if I dont answer my phone that someone broke in, raped me, and then burned the apt down.

Not kidding.

So she starts screaming at me about how I care about only myself and she's been worrying all afternoon.

I go and check my phone to see 2 voicemails and 3 text messeges.

Talk about obsessive?

So she's screams more.

[[I will admit at this point I was screaming back.]]

So she freaks out and "sends me to my room".

Wait, peace and quiet?

My whole bookshelf to myself?


So I read for a little bit and she's storms in to 1. Take the book 2. Tell me to get ready because I had my driver's ed final.

Woopty Doo.

I was already nervous before my mom's on my case about breathing wrong.

As we're driving to the school, which is a fantastically long ride of 45 minutes.

Of dead silence.

Ha. I wish.

The whole time she's saying how disgusted and disappointed she is.

How I only care for myself.

How I am such an awful daughter.


Sooo we get there and I take my driver's test.

Got a 90%

Suddenly, my mother's so proud of me.

She just knew I would pass.

This is literally TWO HOURS after our spat.



So the moral of the story?

My mother has lost her credibility.

She says bad things?

They mean nothing.

She says good things?

Those are just as fake as the insults.

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