Saturday, February 14, 2009

Erm. Yes.

You want to know something really interesting? No one will be reading this. Funny how that works isnt it? You get all nervous about throwing your life into the internet. "Oh no! Who will see it?" When in total truth... no one will be reading. Because, lets be honest now, no one cares about what you write. Oh yes, people care about you. Dont be going all emo and such on me now. Seriously, step away from the letter opener. For if they really cared about what you did today.. they'd ask you. Simple as that. So why is blogging so popular? What's the appeal? Im not quite sure. Perhaps, like some people like the sound of their own voice, some people prefer the sound of typing. Soothing. Or maybe you just have to get it out somewhere. And, lets be honest, writing a diary? So third grade. Whatever the reason, uncountable amounts of blogging is happening all over the place. Im pretty sure if you mashed your forehead against the keyboard as a url, you'd get to someone's blog. (Please, do not attempt.)

So yes. Here it is. Im not sure what's going to be in it. Im just a girl. Reads too much. Gets good grades. Doesnt do drugs. Has a somewhat unhealthy addiction to FFxi. I often go off topic and go on and on about nothing in particular. I mean, hey look, I just wrote a whole blog about... blogging. How good am I? Not sure when I update. Whenever I have spare time I suppose.

Which is often.

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