Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winning the lottery would be pretty spectacular right about.... now.

Gah. So right now my choir, band, and orchestra are all planning to go to Disneyland in May for the music festival. Cost? $700. I made about $500 (Christmas was a big help) & my mom's playing $200 that I have to work off in the summer. So, it's all paid for. That's great. Talk about a whole load of stress gone.

But now we got Stateside. My youth group is going to Colorado in July to do something cool. We've helped build stuff, we've put on VBS's. that type of thing. Cost? $400. I dont have the money, & I realllly want to go. My best friend is moving to Japan this June & her parents are letting her come to Colorado. In fact, she's coming because of a bet I made her. & now I cant even go. I feel like I lied to her. So, hopefully God just provides and I work my butt off for whatever he throws at me & it will all work. I just gotta pray about it. That's all. Easy, right? I sure hope so.

Just got over a cold too. Missed a whole week of school. Yikes. Talk about the homework pile up. Well, the pile would be a tad tinier if, oh I dunno, I was doing it instead of this. hehe. And I got driver's ed. Anyone been through that nightmare? Ugh. No fun at all. But, I gotta drive, whethere I want to or not. Got to get job, got to do running start. Fun all around.

So that's about it. Oh, atm Im taking a College Writing class and my first assignment? Write a short story. So, I might put clips here & there on here if I have nothing better to go on and on about. It's going along alright at the moment. So we'll see.

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  1. That's great that you're going to cali! That's going to be fun :D I'm glad your better though, it was boring at school with out you :/